Our First One!

Our First One!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


We Call Him Blacktop!
We knew this would happen one day but little did we know it would happen to our leader and COACH! It was a normal bike training day for us. We had most of our crew together after church and we headed off for a few hours of riding. After a certain point Jason and Manual broke off from the group. They are the "pros" you know and had to ride a longer and faster 30 mile route. The rest of us(me, Jami, and Robert)... rode our normal 24 mile loop. With the 2 guys riding much faster they were not far behind us once we got home. As Jason came into the door he uttered the famous words "Don't Freak Out But" and of course I didn't . As Jason tells the story of what happened he explains to us that almost 3 miles away from home he and Manual were riding when Jason turned back to look for a car. As he did his front tire veered just slightly and clipped the back tire of Manuals bike. That's all it took and Jason was meeting Ol Mr Blacktop! Manual says that Jason blacked out for a few seconds then jumped up and ran to the side of the road. Jason explains that he was thinking, get the heck out of the road before you get ran over. Manual attempted to convince Jason to sit in the shade and that he would ride back to the house to get us but Jason is a stubborn creature and rode all the way back home.
I began to check out the damage. All I could see at the time was his elbow, which was bad and his knee which looked bad but not an emergency type bad. Our friend Robert, who happens to be an volunteer fireman helped me get Jason in the bathroom and remove his shirt, which was painful for Jason and got him into the shower where we were able to wash him off and see the damage. We both came to the conclusion that he would probably need stitches in his elbow, he had a hematoma on his shoulder and the road rash looked TERRIBLE! (see pic below) We mad the decision to take him to the ER. Once we got to the hospital they got us back to see the doctor really quickly. They ran lots of test and stitched him right up. What took the most time was making sure there was no damage to his head or neck, which there wasn't. Of course the first questions Jason asked the doctor was when can I get on my bike and when can I swim.
We were very lucky in this whole ordeal. No major damage to Jason or the bike. 
Just battle scars ;)

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