Our First One!

Our First One!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dealing with a bad workout!

I just returned from my gym today and hate to say it but I had a not so great workout. I went in with a new week of workouts that I printed from week 4 of Jamie Easons LiveFit trainer. I LOVE having a plan. I feel it helps me to have a more efficient workout. Well there were a few exercises that I wasn't sure about and had to text my husband for an explanation. The gym was crowded with other males and I was the only female. Not that it usually bothers me but when I'm unsure and I can't use the mirror to check my form I become aggravated. I made myself push through the exercises but left feeling very discouraged and feeling like I didn't have a good workout. I despise that feeling. I have to remind myself that sometimes that happens and that if I would have looked up the exercises or asked my husband the night before I probably would have had a better workout. So it all comes to down to piss poor planning and I can only blame myself. Yuck! But on a happier note it's back to the gym tomorrow! :)

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