Our First One!

Our First One!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lack of Training vs. Overtraining

These two concepts have been on my mind recentely. As I struggle to get over the stomach virus that I got last week and as Jason trains intensely for his upcoming triathlon. I struggle with the idea of when are we not doing enough and when are we doing too much.

For Jason and I training is part of life. Well more Jason's then mine. Anyone who knows me knows I hate to train. Not that I don't train at all but not like I should. Jason takes his training seriously and makes sure to get up several mornings a week at 3:45 to get in a training session before work. I, however, am good with a couple of workouts a week. Usually on the weekend, other than the spin class and swim on Thursday nights.

This morning our crew got up and did a 22 mile bike ride. As I rode, the wind played a toll on me. My legs pumped and pumped but I seemed to be going no where. It soon became very hard to breath and I realized that my lack of training this week due to illness and other things beyond my control had made me weak. I knew 22 miles on my bike should not be that hard. Shoot! I run 13 miles so biking should be lots easier. You would think. After the ride I felt so tired and drained. My legs ached somewhat. What happened to me? I only took a week off. Why would I be so weak? Well my guess is lack of any cardio the whole week and lack of being able to eat much.  Point of this story- Training and Nutrition is vital!

Flip the coin and focus in on Jason's intense training. His training equals lack of sleep, tired muscles, and sometimes complete exhaustion. I know that he wants to be as prepared as possible but is he training too much? Is this exhaustion playing a toll on him and will that effect him during his race? I really don't have an answer to this. I'm sure there is an expert out there who could shine a light on it but for me I just want my husband to be healthy and successful.

As we get ready for our upcoming events, Warrior Dash this coming weekend, Dallas in 2 weeks, Jason's triathlon the next weekend and then our 180 mile bike ride for the MS150 I find myself pondering on random thoughts such as the ones I have had this week. More random thoughts to come as Jason and I Train, Compete and Succeed 2gether!

Peace and Love,

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