Our First One!

Our First One!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our adventure to Clean Eating!

Many has seen on our facebooks pages that Jason and I have adopted a clean eating lifestyle. This first week we are detoxing. This gets rid of all those toxins polluting our bodies at this time such as SUGARS and all those additives that you can't pronounce. Our detox consisted of a detox supplement, veggies, fruit, nuts and eggs for protein. We did this for 3-4 days. After that we added turkey into our meals and continued with the veggies, fruit nuts, eggs and the occasional protein shake. I have to admit that Day 1 was rough. Its really a mental game. Your mind thinks you need all those "no nos." It was a battle! One good thing is that we didn't have a lot of those items in our house so we weren't too tempted. Day 2 it seemed easier. Granted we were at work and for me being at work helps. I stay busy so I don't have time to think about it. By Day 4 I couldn't wait to have some Turkey. But something was starting to happen. I was waking up with energy. I was sleeping at night. I was handling stress better. Jason was noticing that he wasn't having headaches anymore. Who would have thought that this detox and clean eating would do all of that for us. We did have a cheat day that Friday night which included a steak, 2 rolls, an adult beverage and some ice cream! It was great but I became disappointed. Those things I once loved and thought I couldn't live without didn't taste the same anymore. Should I dare say that coffee and cookies and cream blue bell ice cream didn't taste good to me any longer? :0 We have decided to continue on with the clean eating. I actually liked what I saw happening with my body. Yes I saw a little decrease in my waistline but MORE IMPORTANTLY I saw a change in my emotional and mental state. I will continue to write about our adventures and add some information about what we specifically eat throughout the day.

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